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7 Ways to Have A Relaxing Holiday

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The holidays are near and it’s time to plan that trip you’ve been dreaming of!

Chilling by the pool, drinking cold mojitos, napping in a comfy bed, or some quiet time in nature – we’ve got the perfect guide to help you plan for the most relaxing holiday ever!

1.   Bye-Bye Work

Leave your work behind at home on your trip. This means disengaging (un-plugging) from ALL the work gadgets, checking emails, or even reading material that has to do with work.

When the plane takes off, so do you!

2.   Feel-Good Books

Catch up on your reading by the beach or in your hotel’s gorgeous patio. Bring some feel good books; romance, thrillers, biographies – whatever floats your boat!

You’ll be spending your time productively and you’ll enjoy the wonders of reading in a scenic serene place.

3.   No More Calorie Counting

You’ve been working out all year, eating healthy and budgeting calories – no more! For the one week you’re away from the grueling grind of life and work, cut yourself some slack and enjoy your favorite meal or two; and drink till you’re full!

Besides, you can’t miss the local delicacies!

4.   Be in the Now

Wherever you are, take some time to appreciate your new surroundings and environment. Enjoy the walks in the streets or leisurely strolls through local markets. Visit museums, art galleries, botanica gardens, and other heritage sites of your destination.

But don’t pressure yourself to see everything, you’re there to relax, so just add what you know you’ll enjoy!

5.   For the Kids

If you’re traveling with kids, chances are that they’re looking to have fun while you’re looking to relax.

Enroll the kids in the hotel day-care while you go to your spa appointment. Or, book them in for arts and crafts while you go do you and want some time alone.

6.   Exercising

Check out some yoga and meditation classes that your hotel offers – or find some nearby! You’ll be keeping yourself fit and rejuvenating your mind.

A happier and more relaxed you!

7.   Limit Technology

Keeping up to date with social media, news and buzzing group chats can get overwhelming. Take a break from technology, limit use to only photography.

Your aim is to unwind and take a break, so limit your screen time for a little while!

Hope you enjoy your next getaway and think about these relaxation tips to get full value out of your trip.

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Top 3 Cities for the Perfect Christmas Getaway


The holiday season has finally arrived. We can all warmly welcome the festive spirits, warm snacks, and cozy gatherings. This season is also the best time to pack some bags and head out to a nice Christmas sport with your family.

Here are our top recommendations to blow your mind and offer you a fantastic Christmas getaway:

1.   New York City, USA

New York is everyone’s dream destination. It is the hub of Christmas celebrations with many offerings. The famous ice rink, which has been around for 80 years at Rockefeller Plaza is one of the best places to tour the city on your ice skates. You can even participate in the tree decorations, which have remained a consistent tradition since 1931.

Further into the city, is the spectacular Radio City event that takes place every Christmas, starring the very own Rockettes. A Christmas market in the Columbus circle hosts dozens of vendors selling wonderful clothes, steaming snacks, and heartwarming Christmas gifts.

And let’s not forget the magnificent window displays at Fifth avenue. Those are simply a pure pleasure to look at. Saks and Bergdorf take the lead with exceptionally glamorous, story-telling Christmas displays that have remained a famous tourist attraction for years.

2.   Lapland, Finland

Finland is a quiet place where the coming of Christmas lightens up the entire landscape. Visited by soft snow and pleasant weather, your visit to Lapland will simply be unforgettable. Located right up in the North Pole, Finland is home to ancient legends – of them is housing the official abode of Santa Claus. We wouldn’t blame you if you do believe in flying reindeers and chuckling Santa Claus because Lapland is a city so ethereal, it may as well be hiding magical creatures.

Enjoy making warm and crumbly gingerbread man with your very own Mrs. Claus in the heart of Elf School. You can even take fun calligraphy classes and write down an absolute wish list by using a quill. The place will make you feel like you’re in an enchanting wonderland, untouched by modern tastes.

And of course, a visit to Finland goes incomplete without a trip to where Northern Lights blaze the skies. One of the nature’s unsolved mysteries, the Northern Lights will leave you breathless.

3.   The Vatican, Italy

The abode of the spiritual, the haven of the distressed, nobody can celebrate Christmas like the people of the Vatican. The gorgeous hub of spirituality, serenity, and inner healing, the Vatican is simply magical at this time of the year.

The nights are especially festive with the smell of smoky chestnuts flooding the air and beautiful presepi displayed in famous areas of the city. Piazza Navona, St. Peter’s Square, and the church of Santa Maria are the best places to actualize the true Christmas spirits. And while you’re there, don’t miss out on the Midnight Mass at St. Peter’s Square, right in Basilica Capitoline Hill.

You shall long remember the Christmas tales and pilgrims performed at this magnificent city in the heart of Italy.

While you’re planning and packing for a Christmas vacation, always make sure to stay safe while traveling. Always be on the lookout for a potential scam while traveling abroad – especially during the holiday season.

If you’re searching for a credible travel agency, check out some TravelShowTravelCo reviews and grab amazingly discounted packages.



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Honeymoon Traveling – Dos and Don’ts


After their wedding day, the thing that married couples look forward to is their honeymoon. Newlywed couples go on a honeymoon so their bond with their new partner can strengthen while they experience new things together and make unforgettable memories. However, honeymoon traveling can be extremely overwhelming sometimes. Couples are unsure about so many things, which lead to a stressful travel.

To make your honeymoon as stress-free as possible, here are a few dos and don’ts that need to be followed by newlywed couples.


  • If your honeymoon destination is a surprise for your partner, it is important to inform them about what they need to be packing. Let them know what type of clothes will be acceptable, if any additional things (like sunscreen or mosquito repellant) need to be packed, if any important documents need to be packed, or if you both need to get vaccinations.
  • If you are traveling on a budget, it is important to choose a service that will be allowing you to have lots of fun at affordable rate. TradeShowTravelCo is a traveling service based in West Palm Beach that ensures safe travels at affordable rates all across the globe. Therefore, if you are traveling on a budget, the best thing to do would be option for TradeShowTravelCo.
  • Before leaving, you must check the weather of your destination. While it is summer in some parts of the world, other parts of the world are chilly and rainy. If you want to make the most of your honeymoon, checking the weather beforehand will allow you to be at ease.
  • Because your honeymoon is the time for you to relax, make sure you are booking an airport lounge prior to leaving your house so you and your partner can relax. Most couples like to travel far from home, which is why getting ample amounts of rest before taking off is recommended.
  • The worst mistake couples make is that they do not make any reservations before arriving. To save yourself from disappointment, make restaurant, hotel, and spa reservations early on so you can relax upon arriving rather than stress out.
  • Honeymoon couples have the advantage of getting special facilities. If there is a possibility, make sure you avail it.


  • Try not to get honeymoon quotes in advance because flight and hotel rates are only released 11 months prior.
  • Traveling a couple of hours after your wedding is not smart. It is important to wait at least 2 days so you are not in a hurry, otherwise, you will be so overwhelmed. This could also lead to forgetting certain things and not having a good time.
  • If you are planning to travel far, make sure you give yourself a couple of days to rest before traveling. The wedding will already exhaust you and your partner a lot, which is why the traveling should not do so.


If you are willing to travel with TradeShowTravelCo, click here. TradeShowTravelCo has great offers at affordable rates, which ensure lots of fun for all.




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TradeShowTravelCo Provides You and Your Spouse the Best Honeymoon


Well, if you just got hitched, it is your responsibility to take your partner on a honeymoon! Why? Because it will allow both of you to grow a stronger bond while you are in a foreign country so you both can experience new things!

However, nowadays, traveling is really expensive. It gets hard for an ordinary man to enjoy his or her trip because of the hefty bills that come along with it, but not anymore. Why? Because TradeShowTravelCo brings to you the best travel plans at affordable rates!

Yes, you read it right. With the help of TradeShowTravelCo, you can plan an unforgettable honeymoon and make rest memories at affordable rates!

Here is what we planned for you:

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

“Lose Yourself in Paradise”

This is the ultimate destination for the couple that wants to get a taste of paradise on Earth. The reason why we are making this big claim is that Cabo has crystal blue water, caves, and unlimited fun waiting for you and your partner.

Moreover, this island has many beautiful sceneries and wild animals to offer. You will be able to see birds flying over your head while you experiences witnessing a variety of exotic fish swimming around the shoreline. What couple would not want to spend their honeymoon here?

TradeShowTravelCo is offering you a five day and four night stay at an extremely affordable price.

Freeport, Grand Bahama Island

“The Epitome of Luxury and Serenity”

This destination is often described as “pure bliss,” and the reason is quite simple. Just by setting one foot on this island, individuals begin to feel a different kind of rush. The great part about this island is that there is something for everyone!

You can enjoy scuba diving in the day time and cocktails at night. Do not forget, you and your partner can have a lot of fun on the beach resorts, after all, it is your honeymoon. You can travel by swimming or the little boats, whatever you want to do can be done. In addition , you must indulge in the Bahamian cuisine.

TradeShowTravelCo is offering you a four day and three night stay.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

“The Largest Island of the Cayman Islands”

This destination is referred to as utopia. The reason is self explanatory. This island offer crystal clear water in different shades of blue, exotic sea life, and endless adventure opportunities. Moreover, there are night safaris that you can enjoy with your partner to ‘amp up’ the fun. But this is not all, the incredible hotel you will be staying in will provide you with a beautiful view of the ocean.

TradeShowTravelCo is offering you a six day and five night stay.


What are you waiting for? It is time you plan a trip for you and your partner. Head on over to TradeShowTravelCo’s official website!



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The Best Beaches in Florida – MUST VISIT!


If you have landed in Florida and you are looking for fun things to do, then hitting the beaches should be on first priority. Although, Florida is full of different types of attractions, it will not be a complete trip if you do not hang out at the beaches while doing a few water sports while sipping on pina coladas. However, since this state is full of beaches, it can become hard to choose which ones you want to go to, therefore, we have a list of the beaches that you need to visit.

Key West

If you want to visit paradise on earth, then Key West is the place you need to be at. Just by spending one day at this beach, you will feel a change in your attitude because of how relaxing and peaceful it is. Moreover, the stunning sites and clear water will make you fall in love with this place. The best part is that you can have the perfect time with your significant other here, as there are secluded beaches where you can have the time of your life. For those that are travelling with children can opt for the water sports or biking with the winds. Whatever you choose to do, there are plenty of opportunities for everyone.

Siesta Key

Since there is so much to do and see at Siesta Key, there is no way you or your family would get bored. From spending time in the soft sand to making glorious sand art and doing water sports, this is the “it” spot for those that want to make the most of their beach trip. If you are into collecting shells or renting a kayak so you can get away with your family, then this is the place for you to be at. If you want to have alone time with your partner without your kids, you can send them off to the playground while you enjoy a candlelit dinner.

South Beach

South Beach is the perfect place for those that want to mingle with international people while enjoying the nightlife and exotic architecture. This beach is the best place for singles because there will be many topless bodies walking around and drinks being sipped everywhere. Despite what the life is like at this beach, it is stunningly beautiful and it has exotic sites that are something that should not be missed at any cost. The crystal clear waters are great for swimming or just taking a dip while the warm, sun kissed sand will make your body feel ever-so-amazing.

Palm Beach

If you want to witness true beach royalty, then make sure you are visiting Palm Beach. Also known as the beach for millionaires, Palm beach has incredibly beautiful nature sites and unlimited extravagance. Whether you want to sit by the warm blue waters while the gentle breezes swish into your hair or you want to take part in the water sports, you will definitely be in for a treat. The best part is that you can witness exotic marine life and see rare plants while you are on a nature walk to explore the beach in dept.

Atlantic Beach

For a laid back, relaxing trip to the beach, you will need to go to Atlantic beach. With soft white sand, the azure waters, and luminous sunshine, you will really be in for a treat. The best part is that it is a couple of minutes away from Jacksonville which means it’s easy for the day-trippers to come by and have fun before they have to get back to the airport. Another great part about this beach is that you will be able to enjoy live music, great food, and Mother Nature at her finest. All of this, while you can go to different boutiques and galleries or even attend the special events that are held occasionally.

Panama Beach

Located on the northwest side of Florida, Panama beach offers you crystal clear, blue waters and extremely soft white sand. With multiple nature reserves, hiking trails, and unlimited exotic beauty, Palm Beach has become the beach that you must visit while on your trip to Florida. The best part is that there is Pier Park, which ensures crazy adrenaline rushes for you and your family while you can munch on snacks and drink sour drinks. All in all, you feel as if you are in a different world because of how much fun you will be having.


If you want to travel to Florida, then you should opt for a travelling agency that gives you great deals at affordable rates. The last thing you want to worry about at your trip is expenses, which is why you need to contact TravelShowTradeCo.

TravelShowTradeCo is a company that helps people reach their dream destinations at the best rates! For more information, click here.



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Experience True Luxury with TradeShowTravelCo

To be honest, traveling can be a hassle, especially for first timers. The reason is that you need to find a suitable travel agent, affordable travel packages, and the right destination. If any of these things does not work in your favor, your travel experience could be doomed.

But let us keep the negative possibilities out of mind because we bring to you TradeShowTravelCo, the ultimate traveling agency that will not only ensure you a luxurious traveling experience, but also has affordable packages.

So what are you waiting for? It is time to experience the most luxurious travel of your life with TradeShowTravelCo.

What Is It?

TradeShowTravelCo is a travel company in West Palm Beach, Florida. It is popularly known for its amazing travel packages that will never disappoint you because their goal is to provide you with a vacation that will be unforgettable. Moreover, the knowledgeable staff of TradeShowTravelCo will help you plan your trip as well because for most people planning is the most item consuming part. The only thing you need to worry about is your wardrobe! All the other rest is taken care of.

The wonderful staff at TradeShowTravelCo will make sure your travel experience is unique, exciting and absolutely unforgettable. When you put your travel plan in the hands of the TradeShowTravelCo staff, they will go above and beyond to make your experience amazing. It does not matter if you want a calm getaway or an adrenaline rush filled one, TradeShowTravelCo has unlimited options for you.


TradeShowTravelCo does not charge their clients too much. However, if clients want to stay in high end hotels and fine dine, then they will have to pay accordingly, but even then, TradeShowTravelCo tries to keep the prices reasonable. Since the main aim is for individuals to enjoy their vacations without going bankrupt, TradeShowTravelCo keeps the prices low.

Keep in mind, low prices do not mean low quality, you will experience true luxury at an affordable price.


Where do you want to go? Whether it is the Bahamas or Indonesia or Pearl Harbor, TradeShowTravelCo has exciting deals. If you want to stay within the USA, you will have an exciting travel plan. And if you want to travel internationally, you all have an exciting travel plan. All you will need to do is talk to the staff at TradeShowTravelCo and let them know what all you want to experience (snorkeling, tour guide rides, mountain biking or engage in the night life). Your travel plan will be tailored to your needs, and the best part is that it will not disappoint you.


After hearing such great things about TradeShowTravelCo, we are sure you want to plan your next trip. Click here to be directed to their official website so you can begin planning the vacation of a lifetime!

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How to avoid travel scams

You may have heard of travel related scams on the internet. There are companies that will take your money and give you nothing in return. Obviously this is a problem for most people. None of us want to be scammed. The problem is that scammers are very good at fooling people. There is a reason scammers are so rich; it is very easy to give someone good news and then manipulate them. They promise you the moon, ask you for a little bit of money, and then they run away. If you want to make sure you avoid travel related scams here is how you do it. These are the things you need to look out for.

A beautiful website

Yes, you read that right. A website that looks very pretty is a bad thing when it comes to travel related scams. These scammers know that in order to scam you out of your hard earned money they will need to convince you that they are a legitimate company. The problem is that they are not a legitimate company, so they cannot impress you in any way a legitimate company can. Anyone can fake a website though, and that is exactly what they do. They spend all their money on making their website to make things seem legitimate.

When you go to a real travel agency’s website though, things are very different. Don’t believe us? Visit the website of a legitimate travel company like TradeShowTravelCo. The website is very bare and it doesn’t look like the website of a big company. That’s because the travel agency has actual offices and people in the country doing the work. The website is purely for functional reasons – it is there to provide users the information they need.

Contact information

This is how most travel related scams work. You get an email or a phone call and the other person tells you that you have won a prize. They tell you that they will call you back. They do call you back, multiple times, until you send them some money.

Here is something you may have missed in the above paragraph; they never give you their contact information. At most they will give you an email address but never a number you can contact them on. If it was a legitimate travel agency there is no reason they would not give you their contact information. If you have ever worked with a travel agent or a company like TradeShowTravelCo, you will know that they give you all the contact information possible.

They want you to call them so they make it as easy as possible. If you are not being provided contact information of the person calling you, then there is something fishy going on. If they give you a number, call it and ask to talk to the person who gave you their number. If that person is there you are probably dealing with a legitimate company.

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How to travel in style

We live in the age of social media. When we are traveling, there is nothing better than posting pictures of your adventures on your Facebook and Instagram, aside from the adventure itself. However, you may notice that the pictures do not come out right. While you felt great in the moment, the pictures don’t really capture the feeling. The reason behind this is probably that you didn’t travel in style. Normally when you are traveling you look disheveled and tired, traveling does that to you. If you want to travel in style, read on.


This may sound weird but sunglasses make your pictures look so much better. There is a very simple reason – they hide the eyes. When we are vacationing we are not getting the right amount of sleep. We go to bed late at night and wake up early in the morning to enjoy the beach. It is also common to consume a lot of alcoholic beverages on such a trip. Do you know what all of these things do? They affect our eyes. They make our eyes look red and tired. You will be surprised at how important the eyes are when it comes to how we look. That is why sunglasses work so well. You can party it up in the beaches you get in vacation packages from TradeShowTravelCo and still look great in person and in pictures.

Buy the right clothes

Many people mess up when buying clothes for the vacation. If you have picked one of the many beach vacation packages available from TradeShowTravelCo, you will have to get a few beach outfits. The problem is that most of us do not buy beach or vacation clothes the same way we buy normal clothes. We don’t wear them to see how they look; we just see the design and buy them. This is especially true for shorts and other such casual wear. Spend a bit more time shopping and buy something that makes you look really good.

Know when to call it a night

Here is another big mistake: people party it up so hard in the first few days of the vacation that it ruins the rest of their vacation. You don’t want to end up regretting partying too hard. That is why you need to know when to quit. You need to know when you need some sleep. Sure, it seems wrong to go to sleep when you came to party, but you need sleep. Most importantly, you need sleep so you can continue partying the next day.

These three things will make a world of difference in how you look during vacations. All you need is to avoid scammers and get in touch with legitimate travel companies like TradeShowTravelCo. There are many scammers online who will offer you great packages and ask you for an advance, only to run away once they have your money. The best way to avoid such scams is to get in touch with people you have actually met.

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Why vacation packages are the best way to travel as a group?

When you are traveling alone the best thing to do is just go out and explore the world. However, the dynamics of the trip change completely when you are going with the group. Now it isn’t just about discovering the new place but also about having a great time with your group of friends or family. The only problem is that sometimes group vacations turn out to be a disaster. TradeShowTravelCo offers vacation packages because they result in a much better experience overall for group vacations. Why? Here are some great reasons.

No stressing over money

The last thing anyone wants on a vacation is stress. You just want to let go of all your problems and have a great time. The only problem is that money is something which you keep spending on a vacation. Every plan you make – going out to eat, going to visit a new place, staying at a hotel – it all costs money and the money adds up. Your vacation budget may not be enough to cover all of the plans that you guys end up making spontaneously.

This isn’t a problem at all when you get a vacation package like the ones offered by TradeShowTravelCo. Many of these packages already include everything you will need, including stay and refreshments. This means that you only pay once and then you just focus on enjoying. You don’t need to worry about money because you’ve already paid for everything.

Better exploration

If you want to really have fun you need to make sure you do everything that is famous about the destination of your wedding. This isn’t easy for people. Your vacation is probably somewhere you haven’t been to before. This means that you don’t know what’s popular there, so how can you decide where to go? That is another great thing about these travel packages. They often include visits to the best and most fun activities in the destination. Thus by getting vacation packages, you end up experiencing more fun.

These are just two big reasons. Another is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time worrying about where you guys will stay or eat – all that is taken care of in the package as well. Just make sure you get the right package and you are good to go.

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Can Travel be stress free? Yes, here’s how


Your vacations are supposed to be your big break. You work all year and have many things to deal with. Your vacations should be a time that allows you to get rid of all the stress and focus on yourself. The problem is that vacations often end up being so much work that they don’t remain stress free.

Arranging everything for the vacation itself becomes a major source of stress. Even when you are on the vacation you keep thinking about all the stuff that you have to do and you end up feeling stressed. If you want to have a stress free vacation we have the solution for you.

Planned vacations


You need to look into travel packages (like the ones offered by TradeShowTravelCo) that have everything included. In these packages you get a place to stay and many amenities as a package. What does this mean? It means that you don’t have to worry about anything. You pick one of the available packages. You pick the location you want – it can be partying at Cancun or an idyllic vacation at Puerto Vallarta.

Once you buy the package all you have to do is get there. Everything else is covered. You don’t have to worry about where you will be staying – that is covered in the package. You don’t have to worry about what you will be eating – that is covered too. Different packages cover different things, so make sure you look at all that TradeShowTravelCo offer. Once you have found the perfect package you have nothing else to worry about.

There are many other advantages to these packages as well. When you aren’t worried about arranging everything you truly let go. You have the time of your life. You also explore the destination a lot. Since all the basics are covered you don’t have to think about them. This gives you free time to think about the important stuff. It also allows you to have a much better experience with your friends or your loved ones.

If you have any doubts simply look at the TradeShowTravelCo reviews and you will see that you have nothing to worry about at all. You have probably seen them at a trade show nearby. Now you don’t have to wait for a tradeshow to avail their great packages – you can do it all online.

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