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Review Trade Show Travel Co – bringing you a pleasant, affordable, trustworthy travel experience; a unique travel company based in West Palm Beach, Florida. Known for its one of a kind travel packages that never disappoint, Trade Show Travel Co will help you plan an unforgettable vacation.

Time is your most precious commodity – planning your trip is time consuming and costly. With our knowledgeable staff, all you’ll need to plan is your wardrobe for your one-of-a-kind getaway.

We are known for our unique and exciting travel packages that cater to the requirements of all kinds of travelers. Whether you are looking for a quiet vacation with sight-seeing or an adventurous one, Trade Show Travel Co has you covered.


Trade Show Travel Co offers you the best and most exciting travel packages. From the Bahamas to Pearl Harbor to Indonesia and Thailand, they provide you with a wide range of vacation packages to choose from. You can stay within the USA and have the best time of your lives with the kind of packages we offer. However, you can go international and have the experience of a lifetime. Whatever you choose, they will give you the complete package.


You can expect the best deals you’ll find anywhere on the internet. If you want to stay at a high end hotel and dine at expensive restaurants, you will be charged accordingly but we do try to keep our prices as low as possible. We want you to be able to enjoy your vacation time without worrying about breaking your bank accounts. With that, our low prices do not mean cheap quality – we give you the best within the range that we have.


Hotels, traveling, sightseeing all will be covered. With us, you can experience the best of the local customs and traditions. Don’t believe us? Just check out Trade Show Travel Co reviews You can enjoy night life if you want to. You will also have access to activities such as snorkeling, rock climbing, mountain biking, wind surfing etc. Additionally, you can also go on a shopping spree in some of best malls and shopping centers as well as local souvenir shops. In closing, Trade Show Travel can tailor the vacation according to your requirements so you can do what YOU want, when YOU want, on YOUR vacation!

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