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Finest Destinations in Mexico

You were scrolling through Instagram, and you found your friends having a good time somewhere new and surprising. And then it hit you; you want to have fun like them too. Worry no more with your destination, because we got your back. You might want to wander to a place where music is cultural, food is exceptional, and experience is worthwhile. Well, MEXICO is the perfect destination to be. Now, sit back and relax as we bring you the hottest and most beautiful destinations in Mexico.


Thousands of colors and busy streets would surely impress any tourists. Listed as one of the Heritage by UNESCO World, Guanajuato being acknowledged for its subterranean tunnels and roads. A walk any time of your leisure day will lead you to experience views of fascinating architectures, and cobblestone-inspired roadways. Must grab a bite at the Mercado Hidalgo- get ready to get filled and full. And if you fancy art, you must be destined to visit the place in October where Festival International Cervantino takes place for four long, happy days of celebration.


If you are a beach enthusiast, Cancun is a perfect spot for you. This paradise is well-known for its beautiful white sand, night-life party clubs, high-end resorts, and inexpensive flights to get in here. This 7-shaped isle in Southern Mexico remains to be the most resilient island ever to exist. Amidst devastating effects of Hurricane Wilma in 2005, it has never wiped out its excellency and got back on track in due time instead. Cancun is the best getaway to experience jet skiing and terrific nightlife after exhausting paperwork and duties. The area is also close to one of the most particular sites in Mexico, Chichén Itzá. It is startlingly recognized as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. So be sure to never miss out on the chance to see this astounding scenery.


For a travel destination packed with authentic nature, choose Puebla. This sits in the southeast of Mexico and is also a colonial city filled with 365 churches. Amazingly, this city has its famous Talavera Pottery, a Mexican and Spanish Pottery Tradition originating at Talavera de la Reina, in Spain. These are colorful earthenware, and the most beautiful ceramics in Mexico. For those who love to explore new cuisine, you can find here the best of the best in terms of sweet and spicy cuisine. A must-try dish in this travel destination is the chiles en nogada. Chiles en nogada is chile stuffed with beef, served with a walnut sauce, as well as fruits like peaches and apples. And when the sun sets, make sure to go to Callejón de Los Sapos to witness a remarkable performance of live music.


This fantastic place has nine bays and exactly 36 beaches. This coastal town is near the Pacific Ocean, serving us with pristine landscapes and fascinating harbor. The accommodation for the visitors is excellent without being gaudy. Moreover, one of this place’s top priorities is to protect the environment and the like. ThiHuatulco is the only city in Mexico with Green Globe Certification for sustainable tourism. Alongside this, buildings should not be taller than six stories high, and the abundant life in the waters remained untouched. You can do everything eco-friendly in this city. Hiking, bird watching, horse-back riding, etc., name it. You can explore the outdoors without worrying about your safety. According to the latest state department warning, this city is excluded from any concerns about terrorism and crime.


This place is proud of its prominent food place. You can have its delicious tacos, sushi, and even expertly cooked dishes, plus a chic bar stand in this sophisticated district. Its shoreline view is very remarkable as well. You surely will get astonished by its soft sand and cold waters. There are so many more reasons to love this place.


Traveling experience won’t be complete without visiting the capital city of the country, Mexico City. Historical previews and famous sights are something to look forward to in the city. Best cuisines in the Western Hemisphere can be found here in no short of time. Mexico City assures its tourists feeling safe and homed, amidst being in the vast and crowded city. This place is also perfect for travelers who opt to enjoy a vacation without spending too much. Mexico City is rich in ancient facts and studies of conflicted pasts. With that being said, you can enjoy and learn at the same time, without costing you hundreds of bucks. Perfect, isn’t it?

To serve you with a new and exciting experience, this list would help you decide where you must go for your trip this vacation. With its wide range of travel destinations, distinctive flavors, diverse culture, and astonishing landscapes, Mexico is indeed an ideal trip you must try.

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