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Top 7 Beach Cities in the USA

If soaking in the sun and hanging out by the waves with an ice-cold beverage in your hand is your idea of heaven then this list of beaches is sure to excite your senses. America has seemingly countless beach towns and miles of coastline. 

Check out our list of America’s top 7 beach destinations for summer 2021 

7.  Galveston, TX                                                                                                         

The pure blue warm gulf waters eclipse this amazing shoreline.  More than just your average beach city, Galveston has amazing restaurants, lively bars and tons of nightlife. Not only is it a spring break destination, it has near perfect weather almost all year.  Everything is bigger in Texas including the fun in the sun. Be sure to walk the pier, play the games, ride the rides, and eat the food. A time surely to be treasured. Only 45 minutes from Houston International Airport. A vacation that is convenient and more reasonably priced than you would think awaits.                                

6.    Waikiki Beach, Oahu HI

This Hawaiian gem is located on the second largest of the island. A picturesque scenery that will captivate your soul and have you feeling the authentic island vibes. Hear the sweet sounds of a ukulele and take a walk on the black volcanic sand that is as soft as it is beautiful. Palm trees beautiful water and perfect temperatures all year round.  When you close your eyes and imagine the bluest water an island paradise this is what come to mind. About a 6-hour flight from LAX, this destination is sure to be on any beach loves must see list.

5.    South Beach, Miami Fl                                                                                

The ultimate party town captivating the lavish life and sexiness in abundance. All the beach 10 miles are topless, the sun is hot and so are the people. The water is crystal blue and the drinks go down so smooth as the Cuban music you hear as you dance the night away.  Bars are open until 5am and the party never stops. Major art and music venues take place here right on the beach. There is no other place quite like this for people from all over the world coming together living the sun washed island life.

4.    Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach a great vacation spot on the East Coast and is less than a 10-hour drive away from over 70 million Americans. The silky white beaches here are known as “The Grand Strand” to South Carolinians. The extensive wide sandy beaches and the warm climate of the Myrtle Beach city attract people from all over the world as well as the USA. The city offers a wide range of entertainment and activities including various water sports, golfing, surfing, fishing, boating, and abundance of dining.   

3.    Pacific Beach in San Diego, California

Pacific Beach of San Diego is the place that represents the quintessence of a California Beach town.  It is a famous spot for surf culture. The good vibes right by the beach nightlife of the Pacific Beach is an added benefit for tourist! After spending the day swimming in the ocean, at night, you can huddle around a bonfire on the shore or join the never-ending beach parties. Furthermore, the nightlife scene offers a vast variety of restaurants, bars and eateries for the food-lovers. You might be leaving your stay here saying brah but you will sure to be leaving with a smile.

2.    Nantucket, Massachusetts

Situated around 50km from the Cape Cod, Nantucket is a mystical island. The name ‘Nantucket’ is derived from the Algonquian name for the islands, meaning ‘a faraway land’. With its bright blue water and white cottages surrounded by lush, red roses, the landscape of Nantucket seems to have come right out of a fairytale! The beauty of this serene beach makes it truly one of its kind.  Many famous and super rich people live here because of its beauty and the fact its only accessible by ferry.

1.    Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May is the farthest point on the south shore. The region is packed with a number of gorgeous beaches surrounding a quaint, Victorian-style town, which is sure to teleport you to the past! The entire city is designated as a National Historic Landmark due to the abundance of buildings belonging to the Victorian era.

The city is one of the oldest vacation spots of America and its mystical appeal and gorgeous beaches never fail to attract a large number of tourists every year. The beaches of Cape May have been ranked 5th in the Top Ten Beaches Contest organized by the Marine Sciences Consortium of New Jersey.

Tip: Don’t forget to pack your binoculars on your next trip to the Cape May because it is a perfect place to experience and marvel at dolphins while tanning on the warm, sandy beaches!    

So, when are you going to head out to the top beaches of America and get that perfect tan?

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15 Bucket-List Destinations to Visit At least Once in Your Lifetime

Traveling is one of the best and most rewarding ways to spend your money and time. If you are planning to travel after COVID, here are 15 bucket-list destinations to daydream about.

Visit the Northern Lights in Finland

Seeing the Northern Lights should be on your bucket list. The glass igloo in Finland is the place to go to view them properly.

Visit the Grand Canyon, US

Take in the exquisite landscape of the Grand Canyon. This is one of the most popular family vacation destinations in the US to visit. Hike and photograph the day away and enjoy the breathtaking sunset.

Visit Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Also referred to as the home of fairies in Croatia, this is one of the most mesmerizing places on earth. The cascading lakes of blue on the background of green are marvelous.

Visit the Alhambra, Spain

Located in Granada, Spain, this is a palace from the 14th century. Its remarkable architectural symmetry is something to marvel at for sure.

Visit Great Barrier Reef, Australia

This is the largest coral reef system on earth and is located just off the coast of Queensland, Australia. It is, however, sadly disappearing rapidly due to problems like pollution and climate change.

Visit Canada’s Majestic Lake Louise

This is located in Banff and is an Instagram-worthy glacial lake. You need to see it to believe it!

Visit Cape Town

Cape Town has stunning landscapes and delicious cuisines. The city is very lively and there are activities for people of all ages. If you want to have fun, head out to Cape Town.  

Visit Las Vegas

Famously known as “Sin-City”, Las Vegas is in Nevada Desert and it’s where anything goes. You want to visit it at least once in your life.

Visit The Colosseum

Rome has numerous places to visit but for history lovers, the Colosseum is the place to go. It’s one of the most impressive sites in the world. A stadium from about 2,000 years ago is surely worth marveling at.

Visit Paris

The city of romance is amazing for sightseeing and cuisine. Whether it’s for visiting the Eiffel Tower or looking at art at the Louvre, you must visit Paris.

Visit The Pyramids of Giza

Built sometime around 2500 BC, the Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest remaining of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Everyone should go take a look at this resilient structure. 

Visit Sintra, Portugal

This UNESCO Heritage Site is like walking into the set of a movie on medieval times. Some attractions include the Moorish Castle and the National Palace of Sintra but you might want to wander the streets as well.

Visit the Greek Islands

Greece, with its historic ruins and friendly locals, is worth the visit. Some islands are famous for their beaches and natural features. Santorini and Athens are some examples.

Visit Rio

The Rio Carnival is a festival of music, dance, and celebration. You should visit Rio when this Carnival is in full swing.

Visit Cancun

A boat ride in Cancun Mexico will allow you to swim with the largest fish in the world. It’s a thrilling experience like nothing else.

So now that you know which 15 bucket-list destinations you have to visit at least once in your lifetime go for it! Connect with a Trade Show Travel Company expert travel coordinator today!

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Best Beaches In Mexico You Must Visit

Are you having a hard time picking the next beach destination? Worry no more… This article will make you realize that the best beaches in Mexico you must visit are worth it.

Mexico has some of the most marvelous beaches in the world! Mexico is a nation of fantastic food, culture, and stunning ruins. It also includes an extensive shoreline and is home to some of the most amazing beaches in the world. Nearly 500 beaches are covering the Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, Gulf of California, and the Caribbean Sea.

The terrific aspect of the Mexican coastline is that it offers various kinds of beaches hidden treasures. Anticipate discovering remote spots surrounded by jungles and ancient ruins. You may also stumble on sandy shores with calm waters ideal for swimming and daydreaming.

Check out these top five best beaches in Mexico you must try.


Famous for its Mayan ruins from the 13th century, Tulum beach is the best destination for all history enthusiasts. Tulum is located at the southern end of Riviera Maya. And in just a two-hour drive from Cancun, you can be there in no time from the airport.

This stunning beach features crystal clear waters, palm trees, and beautiful white sand. There are several limestone pools nearby which are ideal for swimming. Additionally, some fantastic beach hotels where you can enjoy all the comforts of a 5-star stay.

If you are wanting to avoid all the hustle and bustle of overcrowded beaches, Tulum can definitely be the place. A must try on your list of best beaches in Mexico you must visit while on vacation.

Magnificent landscape of Tulum

Akumal Beach

Akumal Beach is one of the most well-known beaches in the Riviera Maya and brings in both travelers and locals.

The name ‘Akumal’ translates to “Location of Turtles” and for good reason. This is a preferred location for big sea turtles to come and lay their eggs. If you are into snorkeling and scuba diving, Akumal Beach is home to fantastic coral beds with numerous fish life.

There are 5 various bays to explore and several bars, hotels, and dining establishments can be discovered in this area. Tourists with children will enjoy hearing that Akumal Beach is ideal for swimming. Additionally, you can easily discover a secluded spot, even on the busy weekends.

Cancun Beach

Among the most known best beaches in Mexico you must try, Cancun Beach. It is 14 miles long and includes pristine white sand and crystal-clear waters. Initially, this beach belonged to the ancient Mayan civilization. And there are numerous ancient tourist attractions in the area to explore.

You will discover a fantastic reef which is best for diving and snorkeling. Tourists can likewise go paddle boarding, fishing, and kayaking.

Several dining establishments with both indoor and outdoor areas can be found. Amazingly, you can try a range of Mexican specialties to savor all day. Cancun Beach can be compared to the Las Vegas strip. Why? Because it has all the entertainment alternatives, resorts, high-end hotels, dining, and gambling. So if you like Vegas, you’ll like Cancun for sure. This is just one of the best beaches in Mexico you must visit.

Cancun Beach view from the top, what a jaw-dropping landscape!

Playa del Amor

Playa del Amor is among the most famous and best beaches in Mexico. You can access it by a water boat from the marina at Cabo San Lucas. And voila! Behold to witness the amazing Playa del Amor. It is also referred to as the ‘Fan’s Beach’ since its romantic setting includes the gorgeous Land’s End rock formation.

Bear in mind that the tides are quite rough on the Pacific end. And it is recommended to get in the water in the Bahia de Cabo San Lucas area. The Cortez side of Playa del Amor is also perfect for snorkeling and draws in tons of locals. It takes a bit of effort to get here, but the entire experience of visiting Playa del Amore is worth it.

Ziggy Beach

Ziggy Beach is located in Riviera Maya and is among the best beaches in Mexico to visit. Featuring a fantastic variety of marine life, Ziggy Beach is a great location for snorkeling and diving. This can be attributed to the beaches’ incredible reef system.

There are 2 different areas of the beach. One is designated just for the guests of the Ziggy Beach Club; the other is open to all other visitors.

Ziggy beach is also well-known for a selection of watersports action consisting of paddle boarding, sailing, jet-skiing, and far more. Lots of rental shops can be found on the beach. And of course, lots of nice places to sit for a drink or snack. Clear enough how Ziggy Beach is one of the best beaches in Mexico you must visit?

Now is your time!

With all these sites to choose from, you can now prepare your flight to Mexico. Brace yourselves to discover the best beaches in Mexico you must visit. Do not miss the chance to experience these superb and pristine beaches with all the history and culture. Just make sure you have plenty of camera storage!

For more information about planning perfect vacations and great travel opportunities, contact TradeShowTravelCo.

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Why You Must Travel During Off-Season

Planning a getaway trip isn’t as easy as counting 1,2,3. There are lots to consider, including your availability due to work or school. Attending spontaneous trips is harder when you are pre-occupied with a bunch of personal schedules. The only choice you got is to plan a vacation trip during high-season (i.e., holidays or summer season). These vacations can be more frustrating because you have to deal with more massive crowds. It is a pain in the ass if you have to pay expensive flights and accommodations. You better realize why you must travel during off-season.

But have you ever wonder about traveling in the off-season? Yes! This does not only give you a hassle-free flight and lesser crowd. But this can save your wallet from spending hundreds of bucks just to enjoy a trip.

Stay on track if you think you have plans on traveling anytime soon. Here are your five tip-top hacks why you must travel during off-season.

Five Tip-Top Hacks


You have the advantage of getting reduced costs of flights, tours, and accommodation rates when you travel during the off-season. Sites from different parts of the world usually increase their amounts due to the high demand of tourists and guests. Hotels that are most likely sell-out during high-season would never run out of spaces. So it would be an excellent opportunity for why you must travel during the off-season. Book your flights and select great packages at a lesser price.

Why you must travel during off-season? Easy. You have a cheap plane ticket.


Off-season often translates to having a lesser crowd, which gives you the benefit to savor your travel. Moreover, you will not be puzzled about the area, and would mostly have a smooth tour. Though travel destinations may not be available at this time, it’s still an option why you must travel during off-season. This avoids you getting long lines, tight spaces, crowded squares, and sold-out fares. Consider yourself a person who needs to appreciate everything about the place without discomfort. This hack is one moment of truth you should consider.


It is somehow upsetting not getting the right angle for photos, or even make a good one– at least. But hey, one good thing about traveling off-season is you can capture best shots without having to elbow other guests. Just imagine taking a snap of Colosseum, or what New England looks like in autumn with that colorful leaves. Well, that would amazingly be another photo to get that aesthetic feed on your Instagram and amaze your followers. You can make your friends get jealous of clear pictures of their favorite places. One hack you must remember is better not to go on high-season when everyone else is there, too.

Capturing the beautiful landscapes without distractions


There are fewer tourists and buzzing places during the off-season. You can appreciate wandering the site without feeling like being a foreigner in the land. People are more relaxed during off-season trips, which is a satisfaction fact on your end. It is one of the reasons why you must travel during off-season. It would most likely give you the chance to create small chit-chats with the locals and understand the place more. You are not just actually gaining friends, but also learning how their culture works for them. And at the same time, earning tips to enjoy your stay more in the city.


Your laid out plans are mostly possible to get changed at the last minute. But don’t worry, because this will not cause you to shatter your planned getaway trip. It translates to giving you the ability to be more spontaneous on your flights. This can be made possible by swapping one ideal destination to another, all in no time. Hotels and other accommodations are not likely to sell-out during the off-season. So you can wait last minute booking without getting frustrated along your journey in the city. Never think something negative why you must travel during off-season.

Enjoy an Off-Season Flight

There you have it! You have just learned the five tip-top hacks why you must travel during off-season. Saving money and savoring a trip is not impossible to achieve. You just have to widen your perspective, and carefully look at possible ways to make it happen. Every location is special in its ways, be ready to explore some of the best marvels of the world– crowded-free. 

Sometimes, it is harder to attend spontaneous trips, especially when you are pre-occupied with a bunch of personal schedules. However, with the help of TradeShowTravelCo, planning is no problem. For more information about creating perfect vacations and great travel opportunities, contact TradeShowTravelCo.

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Penny Wise Travel – Tips and Tricks

Traveling can be pricey, yet with the right method you can lessen down the cost. Imagine having amazing trips around the globe that we’re REALLY affordable. Use these travel suggestions for the very best methods for saving money while traveling!

Tips and Tricks

Research and make use of resources

In everything that you do, it is vital to have a certain knowledge about it. When taking a trip, research beforehand can significantly impact your time for the better.

Doing research prior to setting off can give you deep insights into the location, informing you places to avoid, and positions you should go, as well an unlimited amount of extra details which will aid your journey.

Budget your trips ahead

Whether you are a newbie or a professional traveler, bear in mind that you can travel the world without breaking the bank. Budgeting for a journey can offer you piece of mind, specifically if you’re going on a long trip.

Make sure that you won’t run out of money midway through the journey. It just takes a couple of basic actions to save yourself from investing the entire journey stressing about cash flow.

Your budget likewise depends on your travel design– you can save money by remaining in hostels and couch surfing to splurge on activities like diving and bungee leaping. Or, booking travel through a company like TS travel will save you thousands without sacrificing for luxury.

Everything comes down to what your concerns are. Start with the most significant expenditure for the journey, which is normally the air ticket. There are a couple of things to consider to get the least expensive flights. Instead of flying to a location with a costly flight, fly someplace close-by that is less expensive to get to. It’s also wise to be versatile on the route you take. Sometimes you can save hundreds just by taking a detour instead of flying direct. 

Even if you don’t know how long you’ll be at each destination, you can work out a daily expense based on space rates and meal costs. Get a quote on transport costs, discover how to get from one city to another, how long it will take, and how much each leg will cost. 

A company like Trade Show Travel Co. is there to help you create a perfect plan for your vacation or trip.

Carry the essentials

It may look easy, but packing for trips is actually really hard. It takes time to decide what not and what to bring. Whether you are packing a tote bag, a stroller bag, a duffel bag, or any bags there are, it is what’s inside that matters. 

When packing your carry-on, you’ll first wish to focus on developing a smooth airport experience and things like a travel wallet, and a quickly available toiletry pouch will assist you to stay arranged and breeze through security. Then, ensure your in-flight experience is as comfy and enjoyable as possible. This is where travel essentials like, snacks, and a travel pillow will be found.

While it’s only the worst-case situation, there’s a possibility your checked baggage might not make it to your location when you do. You’ll also want to board with anything that would make it less of a headache to spend a day or 2 waiting to be reunited with your possessions, like your power converter and a change of clothes.

Travel offseason

The off-season always suggests smaller sized crowds. And yes, while this sometimes translates to fewer attractions/restaurants that are open, it likewise generally indicates fewer travelers and crowds.

If you wish to avoid long lines, crowded squares, and sold-out trips, travel in the off-season. When you travel during the off-season, your tickets will cost less than the normal and high-season flights.

Go for freebies

Making use of freebies, and free attractions, you not only get to save you a penny but enjoy the views and landscapes as well. You may also get recommendations from the locals of the area about free tourist destinations.

In some places, there is stuff like the tourism cards which give you a free pass to some tourist destinations, a discount to a restaurant, and a lot more.

Stick to your budget plan

Know when to save and when to spend lavishly. Eating somewhere less expensive may be tolerable. Go all out on your last night of getaway! Try to find ways to save money but likewise treat yourself during the journey. Having a budget plan is a fantastic method to keep yourself on track.

To wrap it up…

This list is a lifesaver to those people who are planning to travel and at the same time being wise about it. Are you planning to create a perfect trip this vacation? Follow these tips and tricks for successful budgeting and worry-free travel experience.

For more information about planning perfect vacations and great travel opportunities, contact TradeShowTravelCo.

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Finest Destinations in Mexico

You were scrolling through Instagram, and you found your friends having a good time somewhere new and surprising. And then it hit you; you want to have fun like them too. Worry no more with your destination, because we got your back. You might want to wander to a place where music is cultural, food is exceptional, and experience is worthwhile. Well, MEXICO is the perfect destination to be. Now, sit back and relax as we bring you the hottest and most beautiful destinations in Mexico.


Thousands of colors and busy streets would surely impress any tourists. Listed as one of the Heritage by UNESCO World, Guanajuato being acknowledged for its subterranean tunnels and roads. A walk any time of your leisure day will lead you to experience views of fascinating architectures, and cobblestone-inspired roadways. Must grab a bite at the Mercado Hidalgo- get ready to get filled and full. And if you fancy art, you must be destined to visit the place in October where Festival International Cervantino takes place for four long, happy days of celebration.


If you are a beach enthusiast, Cancun is a perfect spot for you. This paradise is well-known for its beautiful white sand, night-life party clubs, high-end resorts, and inexpensive flights to get in here. This 7-shaped isle in Southern Mexico remains to be the most resilient island ever to exist. Amidst devastating effects of Hurricane Wilma in 2005, it has never wiped out its excellency and got back on track in due time instead. Cancun is the best getaway to experience jet skiing and terrific nightlife after exhausting paperwork and duties. The area is also close to one of the most particular sites in Mexico, Chichén Itzá. It is startlingly recognized as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. So be sure to never miss out on the chance to see this astounding scenery.


For a travel destination packed with authentic nature, choose Puebla. This sits in the southeast of Mexico and is also a colonial city filled with 365 churches. Amazingly, this city has its famous Talavera Pottery, a Mexican and Spanish Pottery Tradition originating at Talavera de la Reina, in Spain. These are colorful earthenware, and the most beautiful ceramics in Mexico. For those who love to explore new cuisine, you can find here the best of the best in terms of sweet and spicy cuisine. A must-try dish in this travel destination is the chiles en nogada. Chiles en nogada is chile stuffed with beef, served with a walnut sauce, as well as fruits like peaches and apples. And when the sun sets, make sure to go to Callejón de Los Sapos to witness a remarkable performance of live music.


This fantastic place has nine bays and exactly 36 beaches. This coastal town is near the Pacific Ocean, serving us with pristine landscapes and fascinating harbor. The accommodation for the visitors is excellent without being gaudy. Moreover, one of this place’s top priorities is to protect the environment and the like. ThiHuatulco is the only city in Mexico with Green Globe Certification for sustainable tourism. Alongside this, buildings should not be taller than six stories high, and the abundant life in the waters remained untouched. You can do everything eco-friendly in this city. Hiking, bird watching, horse-back riding, etc., name it. You can explore the outdoors without worrying about your safety. According to the latest state department warning, this city is excluded from any concerns about terrorism and crime.


This place is proud of its prominent food place. You can have its delicious tacos, sushi, and even expertly cooked dishes, plus a chic bar stand in this sophisticated district. Its shoreline view is very remarkable as well. You surely will get astonished by its soft sand and cold waters. There are so many more reasons to love this place.


Traveling experience won’t be complete without visiting the capital city of the country, Mexico City. Historical previews and famous sights are something to look forward to in the city. Best cuisines in the Western Hemisphere can be found here in no short of time. Mexico City assures its tourists feeling safe and homed, amidst being in the vast and crowded city. This place is also perfect for travelers who opt to enjoy a vacation without spending too much. Mexico City is rich in ancient facts and studies of conflicted pasts. With that being said, you can enjoy and learn at the same time, without costing you hundreds of bucks. Perfect, isn’t it?

To serve you with a new and exciting experience, this list would help you decide where you must go for your trip this vacation. With its wide range of travel destinations, distinctive flavors, diverse culture, and astonishing landscapes, Mexico is indeed an ideal trip you must try.

For more information on Mexico getaways and great travel opportunities, contact a TradeShowTravelCo.

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Why Travel in Hawaii? – List of Best Reasons to visit Hawaii

Having difficulty in planning your getaway this summer? Worry no more! We got you the latest deal to include in your bucket list- HAWAII! Known for its aloha spirit, tropical weather, and thousands of gorgeous scenery, there is more to anticipate in traveling to Hawaii. So if you’re up to discovering facts and reasons why to visit Hawaii, read further.

The Beaches

Hawaii Beaches are one of the many destinations to enjoy and relish. One beach to include in your exciting list is the Waikiki Beach, Oahu. Tourists have been amazed by the wowing view of Diamond Head as a backdrop. Its golden, crescent-shaped island has made it a favorite travel destination for wonder enthusiasts.

Makena Beach in Maui is another destination where you would experience heaven on Earth. This amazing beach destination is known for its finest white sands. Moreover, people who have come to experience the beauty of Makena Beach could surely testify how clear the water is, and how magical it is to swim with the sea life. Hawaii is the perfect place to enjoy the blazing heat of the sun, the sound of the crashing waves, and a lively bonfire by the beach. 

When people say sugar-soft beach, what comes into your mind? I bet it’s pink sands, cotton candy type of waves, and the sweet taste of a beach life… Well, you’re not mistaken. Except that it does not come out literally. Figuratively speaking, this beach will surely come up to your expectations. Kauna’oa (Mauna Kea) Beach in Hawaii serves us with its gorgeous and pristine beauty. Not only because of its splendid place, but this beach is also a good place for vacation because it has a tremendous amount of marine life.

The Volcanoes

If you are that person who wants to have an extra and challenging type of vacation, Hawaii is a good place to start. Did you know that Hawaii is the place of the world’s two most active volcanoes in the whole world? The Kilauea and Maunaloa Volcano. That’s sick, right? Yes, the land of Hawaii is Home to Hawaii National Volcanoes Park. Fun fact about Hawaii is that it emerged out in the sea millions of years ago due to the power of volcanoes. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and put on your shoes. Be ready for an epic adventure!

The Cotton Candy Skies

One way of enjoying a vacation trip is through sky-gazing. And guess what? Hawaii won’t surely let you down from expecting the best experience. Sunrise viewing, sunsets, and stargazing are highly recommended activities you should never miss out on in Hawaii. Perfection would be an understatement to say once you have experienced seeing the stunning, cotton-like, endless sky in Hawaii.

The Food

We all love to travel somewhere with good food. Traveling someplace different and new widens your range of taste to a whole new level of flavors and the like. In Hawaii, food is not just your typical definition of food. It is beyond that. People in Hawaii take food matters seriously. One thing that Hawaii is known for is its coffee. And amazing how one of the most expensive and luxurious coffee in the world, Kona Coffee, is found and specially made on the island. Another dish that Hawaii is indeed proud of is Spam. Absurd as it may seem for Spam is all over the world, but you heard it right. Hawaiians call it Spam Musubi. This is considered as their comfort food. And this dish is on to a larger scale of production per year. According to research, people consume 6 million cans of spam per year. That equates to 5 cans per person. Now Kona Coffee and Spam Musubi are just 2 of their very best. Are your taste buds ready? Travel to Hawaii now and see it for yourself.

The Weather

Hawaii’s location is in the middle of the largest ocean on the earth. Storms and angry weather are not new to the island. However, this location gives Hawaii the perfect tropical weather. All year round, Hawaii experiences comfortable temperatures and sunny skies. Don’t you think it is perfect for your summer getaway?

The People

Traveling is when you meet new people, discover a new culture, and realize that the world indeed has a lot of beautiful places to see. In Hawaii, the Aloha spirit is so strong. People are always smiling, and they also bring with them the heart of friendship and love. When you need help, you need not worry because people in Hawaii have plentiful patience and empathy. So Hawaii is not only just about the place itself, it is about the people who are also the very reason why Hawaii is one of the finest places in the whole world.

With the lush landscape, wonderful people and laid back vibe, Hawaii is a top travel destination for your bucket list.

For more information on Hawaii getaways and great travel opportunities, contact a TradeShowTravelCo.

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Best Traveling Destinations in Thailand

Don’t be limited in your travel package destinations; explore all Thailand has to offer. Climb out from under that rock and get out of the US for once!

Are you the type of person who loves structures, buildings, temples? Worry no more…Thailand is known for its numerous temples. Are you ready to be mesmerized by Thailand’s beauty?


Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia that is known for its mouth-watering delicacies, martial arts, beautiful beaches, and most especially, it’s temples. This country has a lot of wonderful things that await you. Know that when you visit this country, it’s like riding a roller coaster full of ups and downs. You surely will never get bored. The highlight of this article is about temples in Thailand. But wait until you reach the last part for an epic surprise. 

TOP 5 Most Remarkable Temples in Thailand

  1. Wat Arun – Are you looking for something magnificent? Then this temple is the perfect choice for your travel destination. This is known as the “Temple of Dawn” but many call this as the “Temple of Magnificence.” This arguably stands as the best one in Bangkok for its perfect location, as well as its structure, interior and exterior, and its symbolic feature. Fun fact, this temple’s structure is actually on a “10-baht” coin. Many are amazed by its lighting, especially when this building is reflected by a ray of sunshine.
  2. Temple of a Million Bottles – This temple is unlike any other. This isn’t your typical Buddhist temple built of gold, stones, or etc. This is considered as one of the most unique temples in Thailand. Why? Because this is just a product of 1.5 million plastic bottles incorporated together to build a complex which has about 20 buildings. Most bottles used in the creation of this temple are green Heineken and brown Chang bottles. Another creative and unique feature of this temple is that the bottle caps of the bottles are used together to create beautiful mosaics. Not only is it a great tourist destination, but it is also a place where a prayer room is available for you. 
  3. The Sanctuary of Truth – Are you looking for someplace which surpasses the very definition of “impressive?” Well, The Sanctuary of Truth is the perfect temple for you. Although this temple is newer unlike any other, this has details that present a remarkable design for everyone. Even if this temple is still a work of progress, and is believed to be finished in the year 2050, it still is gathering outstanding compliments from people all over the world. This temple does not only stand to show its beauty but it also aims to honor something more remarkable. It honors a lot of things like the traditional ancient values of the Earth, as well as teaches human responsibility, the cycle of living, and most especially the relationship between life and the universe.
  4. Wat Phra That Lampang Luang – If you are down to something more religious and sacred, the Wat Phra Lampang Luang is the best travel destination for you. This is considered as one of the most sacred temples in Thailand and is also the home of a strand of Buddha’s hair. Unlike many other temples that were modernized, this temple remained in its original form. Also, this temple is one of the best examples of Lanna architecture.
  5. White Temple – This temple is so gorgeous that visiting there would feel like you are in paradise. This is like a temple inspired by a fairytale castle covered with snow. The best highlight you would experience in this temple is the “Cycle of Rebirth” where the structure is like a palm reaching out to the sky. What’s more exciting is that across the bridge, there is a “Gate of Heaven” where you will meet two creatures who will finally decide the fate of the dead.

What an amazing list of beautiful temples we have there! But are you ready for an epic surprise? 

Thailand was once referred to as the “Venice of the East.” So if you are down to experience what life looks like in Venice by not stepping in Italy, then Thailand would be the perfect place for you. There are several places in Bangkok where the canals are situated. These canals also play a big role in welcoming European visitors to the City of Bangkok.
Thailand is indeed a country of wonders. Imagine visiting the places mentioned above. What a beautiful sight you have there. Not only that there are a lot of beautiful temples in Thailand, but there are also hundreds of more traveling destinations you may visit. Keep posted for more travel destinations all over the world. 

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Things To Remember When Traveling

Do you believe that however small a step you are going to take, it will change your life forever? Did it ever occur to you how choosing to do something will have a huge impact on your life? The same is true when you choose to step out of your comfort zone and start to travel the world. When you explore somewhere new, something fulfilling will surely await you.

Traveling is something that can be planned, something that can be spontaneous, and something you must carefully think about. You must know that when you travel, there will always be ups and downs in your journey. You might need to read this list of essential things to remember when traveling.

Top 5 Most Important Things to Remember When Traveling

  1. Pack The Essential Things – This item suggests that you must only pack something that is important. In other words, you must pack something you only need. This will help your travel experience be more convenient. By doing this, you need not pull your luggage furiously. This will also help you save more money and time at the airport. Basically, it is mandatory to bring things for your personal hygiene. Lastly, do not forget to pack your toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, lip balm, deodorant, sunscreen, shampoo, etc. And of course! Do not forget your passport and ticket.
  2. Relax And Enjoy – This is the simplest yet somehow hardest thing to do when you travel. Indeed that enjoying and relaxing your journey is something expected along the way. However, it is inevitable to have rough experiences. So whenever you feel like it is not fun anymore, just close your eyes and breathe heavily. Count 1 up to 10, and think of all the good things happening to you. This will surely calm and bring peace of mind to yourself. 
  3. Embrace Diversity – Hooray! You are up to meeting new people, places, and experiences. Isn’t it exciting when you get to have a sneak peek on what the world actually looks like from a different perspective? It is madly insane to have experiences like this. So what you have to do is embrace diversity. Know that there are billions of cultures in the world that you may know nothing about. So embrace the difference along the way. Do not make this difference a hindrance to travel and explore the world. Always make sure that respect is there. Then, you will realize that this diversity will be your bridge towards convergence and adversity.
  4. Do Something New – Do not be scared to take a step, however big or small that is. Make sure to treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated. Try that zip-line you have been meaning to try, order that authentic delicacy in that local, visit the museums, go watch that favorite concert you have been wanting to watch, go to the beach and get that skin tanned, and do something new and crazy. This way, you will realize the true essence of traveling.
  5. Breathe – Let go of holding back. Let go of all the bad things keeping you from doing something you love. You deserve whatever traveling plans you have in mind. Breathe, and know that life is short to be staying in just one place. So book a ticket now, and step out of your comfort zone.

What Happens When You Travel?

Do you want life advice? Traveling is good for you. Researchers found out that traveling reduces the risk of heart failure. This also keeps you away from being so stressed about things, and it promotes better brain health. Basically, traveling is good for your physical, mental, emotional, and even social aspects of your life. This gives you the avenue to keep yourself healthy amidst having fun. And when you’re traveling with someone, it will bring out the best and worst in you. This will test how willing all of you are to compromise and give way for the sake of each other. Some days, there will be bad moments. However, there are good ones too. When you are traveling, never forget that you have something that awaits you. Something fulfilling that will definitely blow your mind away.

Ready To Take One Step?

Yay! You have just finished reading the top 5 list of things you must remember when traveling. Aren’t you excited to take a step that will for sure change your life? If so, do it now. Do yourself a favor and never hesitate to travel somewhere beautiful. And remember to put this list in mind to have a travel experience that is remarkable and amazing.

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How Traveling Changes You

Have you become bored with the day to day and thirst for something more? Are you searching for different avenues for growth and rich experiences?

Traveling has its sheer power to alter and change one’s life. It can connect you with other people and their culture. This gives you the chance to wander and explore the beauty of other places. And once you get to experience traveling, it’s hard to stop. It’s like eating your favorite meal infused with a high amount of drugs! However addicting this is, you must not forget that this is a life-changer.

As Saint Augustine once quoted, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.” How amazing it is to realize that there are thousands of ways traveling can change you. Keep reading and prepare to be amazed!

Changes Your Perspective

Imagine yourself meeting with other people living entirely on the opposite side of the planet. You get to talk to them about their culture, views, and perspectives about certain things. And voila! You just got a sneak peek of what the world looks like in the perspective of others. 

It does not only give you a mere sight of its beautiful places. You also get to learn from them. It educates you on the way other universities can’t. Surely, this will impact your life in a way you would not expect.

The exciting part of traveling is that it also teaches you deeply about your homeland. You get to realize the differences of every single aspect between your culture to them. This teaches you about convergence despite divergence. What a beautiful thought this is.

Changes Your Attitude

As you travel and see the world, you meet people and realize that they are incredibly different from you. This difference will affect you for sure. How you interact and deal with them despite the difference will say a lot about you. 

Traveling teaches you to be more tolerant and understanding. You will learn that not everything goes your way. This comes with being open and accepting to others.

Changes Your Confidence and Independence

This unique experience gives you the avenue to harness and improve yourself. In this matter, your level of confidence improves. How does that happen? Well, life throws you a lot of challenges along your way. Through this, you have to be more confident in dealing with whatever comes your way. This teaches you to be more certain with the decisions that you make. This lets you decide whether you allow yourself to be more clear-headed or the other way around.

Another thing that traveling changes about you is your independence. Say that it’s your first time traveling alone. Do you have someone with you who can help you make your travel easier? Do you have somebody you can rely on to do things for you? The answer is a firm no! Everything and everyone is a whole new set of adventures! You become more independent, and in return, people will view you positively.

Changes Your Communication Skills

Traveling to other parts of the country and not being able to understand one single word they say. How mind troubling could that be! Well, you do not have to worry anymore. Before you go to a certain country, research about their language. And when you finally get to speak with them in person, this becomes your opportunity to improve and familiarize their native language. Traveling for sure improves your communication skills. Then you become more engaged with other people. This happens when you listen carefully to what other people say. This is a great avenue for you to learn and master other languages. This is a plus to those who love to study languages and its syntax.

Changes Your Stories

This experience is nothing but a great story to tell. Traveling allows you to experience magnificent places. You get to know the stories behind each fragment you meet. This gives you beautiful stories to tell to your friends, families, and even children if you have one. These stories will give you a picture of how wonderful your experience was. And when you look back to those times, you will feel how satisfying and fulfilling it was, and it still is. You have experienced something remarkable. That is something that shouldn’t be put to vain.


When you finally know what traveling feels and looks like, you would never regret doing so. Listed above is the list of great things that will change about you when you travel. Keep in mind how these changes help you shape yourself for the better. Then, you will realize that this isn’t about traveling at all. It is more than that. This will become something that you would not trade for anything. Travel now, and get to experience it for yourself. 

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