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5 Reasons to Visit Bahamas

5 Reasons to Visit Bahamas – TS Travel

perfect place to rest on the beach with straw umbrellas palm trees and long chairsThere is nothing like the salty breeze caressing your face and beautiful pink patches of sand kissing the turquoise waters. Yes, we’re talking about the good old Bahamas.

With a wealth of islands, breathtaking marine life, idyllic beaches, and the most delicious cuisine, here are 5 reasons why you should hit the Bahamas this year.

1.   Picture-perfect Beaches

The Bahamas is a breathtaking archipelago hosting around 700 different islands. The Paradise Island being one of the most famous tourist spots that truly lives up to its name. The Pirate’s Cove Beach located in the heart of this grand island is perfect for enjoying some quiet tie on the beach.

Extremely aesthetic, covered with pink sand that almost looks like pixie dust glistening under the sun, the scene against the turquoise waters look absolutely breathtaking. Famous beaches like the Cable Beach in Nassau, Cabbage Beach in the Paradise Island, and the Harbor Island beaches are places you must not miss.

Taste the salty and gorgeous Caribbean Sea engulfing the Bahamas Island for an incredibly unique and fun summer holiday. Here you will find exceptional service round the clock that will make you want to come back again and again.

2.   Magnificent History Lessons

The Bahamas is home to the glorious Hermitage estate. A 970 acre plantation that has held together the island’s national history in its fold. Offering clear evidence and context to the ancient slave trade, the Hermitage estate is a fascinating site at the first glance.

Although broken and worn, the foundations of one of the greatest 18th century tombs, slave quarters, and old buildings still remain within the parameters of The Exumas.

3.   Exquisite Delicacies

Seafood, fish and shellfish in particular are star ingredients of most of the local Bahamian food of the islands. The cuisine combines a delectable combination of a Caribbean fusion along with a South American kick to its rice, cornbread, and peas dishes.

The conch is perhaps the best item on the seafood menu. There is nothing more iconic a dish than ones containing conch. Be it pizza, fritters, or soup, anything that has conch in it naturally becomes a national delicacy.

They say the true Bahamian taste lies in the chewy, fresh deliciousness of a crunchy conch salad. The Exumas are an excellent place to try the best pieces of conch in stylish shacks alongside the beach shore.

4.   Breathtaking Marine Life

The real thrill lies where sea animals live. While people dive into the crystal waters for some shark seeing, the real adventure lies in swimming past the gentle stingrays and the eagle rays that occasionally emerge on the surface.

If you’re planning a picnic over the shallow waters or want to soak your feet in the dampness of the deserted Manjack Cay, you are definitely going to feel harmless stingrays tickling up your feet. And let’s not forget the elegant wild sea turtles.

A precious species of the marine life, a guide will especially drive you in a boat to the Green Turtle Cay for some sight-seeing. Dolphins and swimming pigs are yet another marine attraction that you simply won’t be able to get over.

5.   Fantastic Diving sites

Of course, the islands are incomplete if they don’t include diving sports. Snorkeling, swimming, water boarding, deep-sea scuba diving are just some of the lush sports you’ll be entertained with on your trip to the Bahamas.

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