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How to avoid travel scams

You may have heard of travel related scams on the internet. There are companies that will take your money and give you nothing in return. Obviously this is a problem for most people. None of us want to be scammed. The problem is that scammers are very good at fooling people. There is a reason scammers are so rich; it is very easy to give someone good news and then manipulate them. They promise you the moon, ask you for a little bit of money, and then they run away. If you want to make sure you avoid travel related scams here is how you do it. These are the things you need to look out for.

A beautiful website

Yes, you read that right. A website that looks very pretty is a bad thing when it comes to travel related scams. These scammers know that in order to scam you out of your hard earned money they will need to convince you that they are a legitimate company. The problem is that they are not a legitimate company, so they cannot impress you in any way a legitimate company can. Anyone can fake a website though, and that is exactly what they do. They spend all their money on making their website to make things seem legitimate.

When you go to a real travel agency’s website though, things are very different. Don’t believe us? Visit the website of a legitimate travel company like TradeShowTravelCo. The website is very bare and it doesn’t look like the website of a big company. That’s because the travel agency has actual offices and people in the country doing the work. The website is purely for functional reasons – it is there to provide users the information they need.

Contact information

This is how most travel related scams work. You get an email or a phone call and the other person tells you that you have won a prize. They tell you that they will call you back. They do call you back, multiple times, until you send them some money.

Here is something you may have missed in the above paragraph; they never give you their contact information. At most they will give you an email address but never a number you can contact them on. If it was a legitimate travel agency there is no reason they would not give you their contact information. If you have ever worked with a travel agent or a company like TradeShowTravelCo, you will know that they give you all the contact information possible.

They want you to call them so they make it as easy as possible. If you are not being provided contact information of the person calling you, then there is something fishy going on. If they give you a number, call it and ask to talk to the person who gave you their number. If that person is there you are probably dealing with a legitimate company.

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How to travel in style

We live in the age of social media. When we are traveling, there is nothing better than posting pictures of your adventures on your Facebook and Instagram, aside from the adventure itself. However, you may notice that the pictures do not come out right. While you felt great in the moment, the pictures don’t really capture the feeling. The reason behind this is probably that you didn’t travel in style. Normally when you are traveling you look disheveled and tired, traveling does that to you. If you want to travel in style, read on.


This may sound weird but sunglasses make your pictures look so much better. There is a very simple reason – they hide the eyes. When we are vacationing we are not getting the right amount of sleep. We go to bed late at night and wake up early in the morning to enjoy the beach. It is also common to consume a lot of alcoholic beverages on such a trip. Do you know what all of these things do? They affect our eyes. They make our eyes look red and tired. You will be surprised at how important the eyes are when it comes to how we look. That is why sunglasses work so well. You can party it up in the beaches you get in vacation packages from TradeShowTravelCo and still look great in person and in pictures.

Buy the right clothes

Many people mess up when buying clothes for the vacation. If you have picked one of the many beach vacation packages available from TradeShowTravelCo, you will have to get a few beach outfits. The problem is that most of us do not buy beach or vacation clothes the same way we buy normal clothes. We don’t wear them to see how they look; we just see the design and buy them. This is especially true for shorts and other such casual wear. Spend a bit more time shopping and buy something that makes you look really good.

Know when to call it a night

Here is another big mistake: people party it up so hard in the first few days of the vacation that it ruins the rest of their vacation. You don’t want to end up regretting partying too hard. That is why you need to know when to quit. You need to know when you need some sleep. Sure, it seems wrong to go to sleep when you came to party, but you need sleep. Most importantly, you need sleep so you can continue partying the next day.

These three things will make a world of difference in how you look during vacations. All you need is to avoid scammers and get in touch with legitimate travel companies like TradeShowTravelCo. There are many scammers online who will offer you great packages and ask you for an advance, only to run away once they have your money. The best way to avoid such scams is to get in touch with people you have actually met.

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